St. Louis Is the Place to Buy Reclaimed Materials

Decorators and collectors go crazy for reclaimed architectural materials, and anything with industrial style. St. Louis’ rich architectural history makes it a gold mine for collectors–and antiques dealers–looking to snap up pieces of the past. As many of the old waterfront buildings in the downtown area have been converted to loft space, industrial machinery, stone facade pieces, lighting, tiles, signs, and much more have been snapped up by our local antiques dealers. Another great source for locally reclaimed materials comes from home renovation projects in St. Louis’ famous neighborhoods built at the time of the 1904 World’s Fair.

How to Find Reclaimed Materials

The best way to shop for reclaimed materials is in a gallery where many dealers are represented in one location. The Warson Woods Antiques Gallery, located in St. Louis, has over 100 dealers selling in one location. These dealers compete to buy these items locally, and travel all over the country sourcing for new merchandise to put on display. New items are introduced daily.

Old Is Trendy

Re-purposed objects are hot for many reasons right now. Environmentally conscious buyers like the idea that re-used lighting, cabinets, tiles, hardware, and other fixtures have the thinnest possible carbon footprint. Another trend driving the popularity of architectural materials is loft-style decor. High ceilings and wide open interiors just beg for industrial accents.

Making something old “new” again feels satisfying, and reclaimed objects are fun to buy. They have character. This trend isn’t fading anytime soon.